School rules

The Lycée Français de Delhi is a secular establishment whosematerial and financialmattersare managed by the Parents’ Association (composed of parents elected by the parents).  In the framework of the agreement with the Agency for French TeachingAbroad (AEFE), its objectives are the following :

  • to assure the continuity of the public service education for French childrenresiding in Delhi anditssurrounding areas
  • to promote French language and culture in India and to the foreignstudentsstudyingat theSchool
  • to participate in the mission of educationalcooperationbetween France and India
The School’s mission isthe schooling of childrenfromPreschool (Maternelle) to the Baccalaureate, and to guide the streaming  of students in Secondaryschool.  Students are prepared for the National Brevet Diploma and the Baccalaureate.  The Schoolisalso a place wherechildrenare prepared to taketheir place in life as adults and citizens.  The aim of the SchoolRulesis to enable the School to achieveits objectives, and for eachstudent to blossom,to findone’spathwhile living respectfullywithothers, the school and oneself.

About us

Le Lycée Français de Delhi a deux missions principales :

* Offrir dans la région de Delhi un enseignement français homologué par le Ministère de l’Education Nationale avec un projet d’établissement.

* Contribuer à la présence du réseau français de coopération et d’action culturelle

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Lycée français International de Delhi
2 APJ Kalam Road (former Aurangzeb Road)
New Delhi 110011 - INDIA



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