School Council

The School Council is the main body wich deals with academic and educational matters of the school.



  • Adopts the School Project, after consultation with the Primary Council and the Secondary Council
  • Adopts the school regulation chart
  • Adopts the school timetables and the annual academic calendar
  • Adopts the annual training program for the staff
  • Forms an opinion about the job list
  • Adopts a proposal for the curriculum structure (number of classes in grades)
  • Adopts the specifics in curriculum : student councelling and aid, languages...
  • Forms an opinion about the program and organisation of the extracurricular activities
  • Gives advice on matters of safety and hygiene
  • Forms an opinion about students supervision outside of the classroom


Voting members (ex-officio) :

  • The principal (president)
  • The Embassador of France or his representative
  • The director of primary
  • The admin and finance director
  • The students supervisor

Voting members (elected) :

  • 3 parents
  • 2 students
  • 4 teachers
  • 1 admin or health or technical staff

Non voting members :

  • Head of French Consulate
  • Representatives of French Expatriates
  • 2 members of the School Board
  • 1 expert

The School council set the Disciplinary Council, the Safety and Hygiene Commission, the Continuing Education Commission.

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Le Lycée Français de Delhi a deux missions principales :

* Offrir dans la région de Delhi un enseignement français homologué par le Ministère de l’Education Nationale avec un projet d’établissement.

* Contribuer à la présence du réseau français de coopération et d’action culturelle

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