Management Committee

The Management Committee is formed with members of the School Board.
The board of the parents association (APE) includes four elected members :

The  President of the association  : M. Nicolas Sokoloff
The Vice-president of the association : Mme. Céline Gilet
The  Treasurer  : Mme. Françoise Taufflieb
The Secretary : Mme. Marie Chat
Communication with APE should go through the secretary
The Management Committee has the duty to handle the general management of the affairs, administration and business of the Association on a daily basis. It is responsible for the use of the funds of the Association.
It meets formally on a monthly basis and in the interim works in sub-committees and working groups.

The School Board is responsible for the entire organization, including finance, long-term planning, development, real estate, and staff contracts.

The Board is composed of 11 voting members  (parents) and ex-officio non-voting members. The parents get elected at the Annual General Meeting in September.  The ex-officio members are the current French Embassador, the French Cultural Councellor, the school’s principal, the director of the primary, the administrative and finance director, the representative for the French Expatriates, two staff members.

The School Board meets several times per year. The Board has a Management Committee which usually meet monthly and report to the Board.

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