The Lycée Français de Delhi is governed by the Student's Parents Association (APE). A School Board (Conseil d'Administration) is elected at the Annual Meeting (in september). The School Board is in charge of managing the school. It consults with the Principal and the School council on matters of pedagogy and school life. The School Board elects a Management Committee (Comité de Gestion), wich deals with daily matters and meets on a monthly basis.
An agreement is signed by the APE and  AEFE (French Agency for French Education Abroad). As a result, LFD belongs to the networks of accredited French schools in 125 countries. It shapes the relations between APE and the administrative staff represented by the principal, the director of th eprimary and the administrative and finance director.
The principal is the executive director. He is at the same time AEFE's representative and commissioned by the School Board.
The principal is in charge of the academic quality (compliance with the French education system) and has authority over the staff and teachers.
Since academic work, management and school life interfere constantly, the principal deals with the School Board on every matters.

About us

Le Lycée Français de Delhi a deux missions principales :

* Offrir dans la région de Delhi un enseignement français homologué par le Ministère de l’Education Nationale avec un projet d’établissement.

* Contribuer à la présence du réseau français de coopération et d’action culturelle

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Lycée français International de Delhi
2 APJ Kalam Road (former Aurangzeb Road)
New Delhi 110011 - INDIA



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