French as a Foreign Language


x These are the online applications for the 5 to 8 year old children learning French as a Foreign Language:
The goal is to familiarise leaners with more than 500 French words while they are playing.
Discover 10 themes divided into 42 sub-themes through 2 functions: 
1. an interactive picture book (button "découvrir les mots") which allows you to listen to French words, pronounced slowly by a male and more naturally by a feminine voice. 
2. a function of memorization (button " jouer avec le français "): it is about progressive games (4 types of games which allow to fix words by having fun.
Do not forget, this application is also designed so that the parents can play with their children and share the process of learning French.
To log in click here - password: LFD login: LFD
x Two new applications have been made:
The first one is a memory game which will allows the student to remember the spelling of 500 basic french words. 
application 1: login: lfd password : lfd
The second application helps pupils to remember the spelling of words of their own choice. In order to do so, the student or the parent enters the chosen word into the game application and the computer will cut up the word and play the game with that particular word. The student then has to copy the word while having to remember either a syllable or a complexe orthographic component. 
application 2: login: game password: game
 This application helps with:
1. sustained attention levels whilst copying a word
2. progressive memorisation of the words
3. liaising a sounds to the graphic part of the word through the cutting off in syllables. 


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Le Lycée Français de Delhi a deux missions principales :

* Offrir dans la région de Delhi un enseignement français homologué par le Ministère de l’Education Nationale avec un projet d’établissement.

* Contribuer à la présence du réseau français de coopération et d’action culturelle

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